The Design Process

The team at Design Synergy invites prospective clients to their office for a no obligation, no cost meeting to discuss their requirements, providing input as required.  Subsequent to this meeting, Design Synergy will provide a quotation and timeframe.

The Design Process

Upon acceptance of the quotation, Design Synergy begins the design process.  The first step in design is becoming familiar with the site and its potential for improvement.  This will often include a site visit and measure.  Design Synergy then works closely with the client to establish the design brief based on their needs and expectations considering solar passive energy principles, where possible.

Once the design criteria are firmly established, a design is created.  Design Synergy uses a 3 dimensional computer building design program, making this part of the process efficient and enjoyable for both parties.

Development Application

At this stage if a Development Application (DA) is required Design Synergy understands the requirements of Councils and is experienced in this procedure.

Building Licence

Once the DA has been approved by Council, or if not required, Design Synergy prepares plans and documentation for the Building Licence application.

Generally, engineering details are required prior to submission to Council.  Design Synergy is able to assist by forwarding plans electronically and liaising with the engineer on behalf of the client.